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Custom Inground Pools

A custom inground pool can be as simple or as complex as you would like for it to be. While geometric pools tend to be sleek, straight-edged, and uniquely-designed, a typical custom inground pool can allow for a more freeform, classic design, especially if the area in which the pool needs to fit is somewhat irregular. This type of pool can also be packed with features or purely functional, depending on your needs and desires. At Tropical Pools, quality and customer satisfaction are always our number-one priority.

One of our key elements in constructing custom inground pools is the use of gunite, a pneumatically-applied concrete that has been utilized in swimming pool construction for over 30 years. Not only does gunite offer superior strength, it’s an incredibly versatile material, lending itself to the creation of free-flowing shapes and varying textures. Gunite can be stamped, colored, stylized, and embedded with materials such as pebbled dashing or mosaic tile. Gunite can even be applied to create steps, tanning shelves, built-in seating, and decks. Best of all, with a gunite pool you never have to worry about a liner breaking or plastic floating to the top of your pool.

To view some of the custom inground pools that Tropical Pools has constructed, visit our gallery.

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