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Geometric Pools

Geometric pools are typically designed with straight edges, but are also highly customizable, using a variety of features to blend your entire backyard landscape into a sophisticated, elegant, and unique marriage of earth and water. With geometric pools, the sky is really the limit in terms of design and construction.

Geometric Shapes

While most geometric pools are rectangular, with straight edges and sharp corners, some employ the use of other regular shapes to enhance the design. Squares, triangles, and even more complex shapes can be incorporated according to your vision and requirements of the project.

Vanishing Edges

A stunning visual effect, vanishing edges create the illusion that a swimming pool’s surface extends unbroken all the way to the horizon. In the right setting, a vanishing edge can create a breathtaking focal point and can foster an atmosphere of peace and tranquility—the perfect blend for your backyard paradise.

Entry Options

A geometric pool can allow you go past the traditional step-down entry to something better suited to your needs and design. A zero entry pool, in which the entry starts at ground level and slopes gently and gradually into the water, is but one of many options to enhance your custom geometric pool.

For more examples of the geometric pools we at Tropical Pools have designed and constructed, visit our Gallery.

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