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Tropical Pools is a full-spectrum swimming pool and hot tub construction and maintenance company, offering:

  • Regular pool maintenance service ( including free water testing)
  • Equipment repair
  • Pool liner replacement (inground)
  • Pool renovation
Tropical Pools maintains a physical retail location with a service department, a weekly maintenance division, and knowledgeable staff to provide assistance with any of your pool- or hot tub-related needs. We also serve as a warranty station for all major pool pump and equipment manufacturers. If we construct your pool, we will personally warranty your equipment in-house, saving you money and hassle. As always, we stand behind our work and our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Pool Maintenance Service

Regular pool maintenance can help to maintain water quality and to prolong the life of your pool equipment. At Tropical Pools, our pool maintenance service allows you to choose the level of service required for your pool and your needs. All pool service technicians at Tropical Pools are CPO certified.

Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Unscreened pools may benefit from weekly cleanings to remove leaves and other debris that may cloud the water and clog filters. Screened pools may only require cleaning about once every other week to keep equipment functioning and water at the ideal pH level. Full service cleanings - which include wall brushing, filter cleaning, chemistry checks, and vacuuming—can also be provided on a regular basis.

Specialty Cleaning Services

Tropical Pools is able to provide specialty cleaning services in addition to regular pool maintenance. Contact us to inquire about specialty cleaning services for water elements such as fountains or waterfalls, or to arrange a one-time cleaning.

Pool Equipment Repair & Replacement

Swimming pool parts need repair and replacement from time to time, and Tropical Pools is here to provide your repair or replacement needs. Our team of dedicated professionals can repair and replace pumps, filters, or other related equipment, as well as repair cracks and leaks. Tropical Pools maintains a selection of high-quality parts and equipment at our physical location, as well as a service department to help our customers with upkeep of their swimming pools and hot tubs. We also serve as a warranty representative for all major equipment manufacturers.

Pool Liner Replacement

If your inground pool liner is past the point of repair, then you may have to consider completely replacing it. There are a number of reasons that a pool liner might need replacement.

An inground pool liner that was installed improperly can lead to damage to the liner bead or rips in the liner itself. Even a properly installed liner that is old or has been exposed to harsh elements or the wrong blend of pool chemicals can lose elasticity over time and tear more easily. Sometimes, of course, plain old accidents can snag, tear, or crack your liner.

Tropical Pools can replace your damaged or aging inground pool liner with a durable, high-quality liner. Our free water testing can also ensure that you have the right blend of chemicals to enhance the life of your liner. We guarantee our work and our customers’ satisfaction, so contact us today for a free estimate on your inground pool liner replacement.

Pool Renovation

Renovation of an existing pool may be the best option for homeowners whose pools no longer suit their needs, or whose pools may require more extensive repairs. In this case, it’s important to hire a team of professionals to ensure that the planning and the remodeling phases go as smoothly as possible and result in a top-quality product that will stand the test of time.

Pool renovations can save you thousands of dollars, even while dramatically updating the look and functionality of your pool. The professionals at Tropical Pools can replace pool liners, repair leaks, design and install new surfacing for your pool or the surrounding areas, create a new centerpiece for the pool, or put in a custom outdoor kitchen. Even relatively small changes, such as resurfacing or re-grouting tile, can give your pool an instant facelift.

Tropical Pools serves as a warranty representative for all major pool equipment manufacturers, and we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee that is second to none. For a free estimate on your pool remodel project, contact us today.

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